Beware the Watermelons! – ¡Cuidado con la Sandía!

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Every culture has its myths. Paraguay has a lot of them: the Pombero, the Jasy Jateré, Mala Visión, and the Watermelon! If you listen to most people here watermelons are dangerous, unstable fruit, which, when combined with any number of activities will lead to certain death (or at the very least a massive belly ache). For example:

  • Eating a watermelon and showering or swimming. Curiously it is ok to eat watermelon while doing both.
  • Eating a watermelon and drinking tereré.
  • Eating a watermelon and drinking beer.

Have you been about to do something post-watermelon consumption only to be warned by your friends or neighbors?

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Cada cultura tiene sus mitos. Paraguay tiene bastantes: el Pombero, el Jasy Jateré, la Mala Visión, y la Sandía! De acuerdo a muchos Paraguayos la sandía es una fruta peligrosa e inestable que al ser combinada con varias actividades resulta en muerte (o al menos un dolor de barriga). Por ejemplo:

  • Comer sandía y bañarse o nadar. Curiosamente comer sandía mientras haces cualquiera de los dos es perfectamente aceptable.
  • Comer sandía y tomar tereré.
  • Comer sandía y tomar cerveza.

¿Se te ha advertido sobre algún otro peligro de la sandía?


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3 comments on “Beware the Watermelons! – ¡Cuidado con la Sandía!
  1. Laura says:

    We were told to never eat watermelon with a glass of milk!

  2. Paula says:

    jajaja!!! si falto en la lista sandia + leche!!! Que lindo blog felicidades!!

  3. Christie says:

    I just heard this past weekend that I shouldn’t drink water after eating watermelon. My body will receive a sobredosis de agua and I’ll have to go to the emergency room. 😉 Oops.

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