Get ready for the “Mundial”! – ¡Alistate para el Mundial!

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It´s here, it´s here, the Mundial is here! After four years it is finally back! Where´s your flag, where´s your team spirit? Dale dale dale dale dale dale la Albirooooo, la albirooooo, la albiroooooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo!!

If you think that is an overreaction just wait to see how all everyone around you starts acting when the Soccer World Cup, known as the “Mundial” starts on June 11th. There is currently a commercial on TV hawking “Sports Fan” deodorant that depicts everyone in the world turning into soccer obsessed zombies. This is only a slight exaggeration. Almost without exception all Paraguayans will be wrapped up in the national team´s Mundial performance. The ad did get one thing wrong though: people don´t turn into sleep-walking zombies, they turn into crazy, hyper-energized fans. I should point out this happens to everyone, men, women, teenagers and older folks alike. Gathering around with friend and family to watch a game don´t be surprised when an otherwise demure abuelita (granny) starts swearing at the ref!

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¡Llegó, llegó, finalmente llegó el Mundial! ¡Después de cuatro años ya está de vuelta! ¿Dónde está tu bandera, dónde está tu espíritu de hincha? ¡¡Dale dale dale dale dale dale la Albirooooo, la albirooooo, la albiroooooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo!!

Si eso te parece una reacción desmesurada espera no más a ver como todos a tu alrededor empezarán a actuar el 11 de junio cuando se inicia el Mundial. Actualmente hay una propaganda en la televisión para un desodorante “Sports Fan” en el cual todo el mundo se convierte en zombies obsesionados con el fútbol. Esto representa una exageración muy leve. Casi sin excepción el país entero estará absorto con en rendimiento del equipo paraguayo durante el Mundial. La propaganda sí se equivocó en un aspecto: la gente no se vuelve zombis somnolientos; se vuelven fanáticos locos e híperenergizados. Cabe mencionar que esto le ocurre a todos, ya sean hombres, mujeres, jóvenes, o gente mayor. ¡Si te vas a reunir con una familia paraguaya para ver los partidos no te sorprendas si una abuelita (normalmente recatada) empieza a caragearle al árbitro!


Abuelita PY Mundial

Even the cocido abuelita doesn´t want you to miss Paraguay´s games! - ¡Hasta la abuelita del cocido no quiere que te pierdas los partidos del Paraguay!

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The countdown to the mundial is on – quite literally. For months now the nation´s newspapers have had countdowns on their front pages and there are electronic countdowns on billboards around the country as well. Now that we are down to the final days advertisers are amping up their Mundial-related promotions. Expect to be deluged with last minute offers for big screen TVs and Mundial giveaways in the paper, on tv and radio, and even via text message.

Paraguay´s team suffered a huge setback in January when star player Salvador Cabañas was shot in the head in a Mexico City nightclub. Miraculously he survived and has started recovering, although it is doubtful he will every play again. The nation´s hopes now ride on the rest of the team which includes star players Roque Santa Cruz and Nelson Haedo, among others. So find yourself some red, white and blue clothing, figure out where you´ll be watching the games, and get ready to chant your support for the “Albiroja” to the tune of Culture Club´s “Karma Chameleon.” Don´t ask why, just sing!

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La cuenta regresiva al Mundial ya está en marcha, literalmente. Desde hace meses los periódicos nacionales tienen cuentas regresivas en sus portadas y hasta hay cuentas regresivas electrónicas por carteleras publicitarias en todo el país. Ahora que estamos en los últimos días las empresas están dándole con todo a sus promociones para el Mundial. Te inundarán con ofertas de último momento para televisores de pantalla gigante, rifas, etc en la tele, radio y hasta por mensaje de texto.

El equipo paraguayo sufrió un golpe enorme en enero cuando uno de sus jugadores más importantes, Salvador Cabañas, fue baleado en la cabeza en una discoteca de México DF. Milagrosamente sobrevivió y se está recuperando pero es dudoso que vuelva a jugar otra vez. La esperanza de toda la nación queda con el resto del equipo que incluye jugadores astros como Roque Santa Cruz y Nelson Haedo, entre otros. Así que empieza a buscar alguna ropa rojo, blanco y azul, decide donde estarás viendo los partidos, y alistate a demostrar tu apoyo cantándole a la “Albiroja” al son de “Karma Cameleon” de Culture Club. ¡No preguntes ´por qué,´ canta no más!


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3 comments on “Get ready for the “Mundial”! – ¡Alistate para el Mundial!
  1. Betty Castro says:


    My mother is paraguayian. My dad is Argentine. My dad is dead now for 10 years. But Argentine has been their and have won the cuo several times. My mother died on Feb 4, 2010. She was 83. I would like for Paraguay to win as they have never won a world cup. I so wish she was here to see her great country win. Something she waited for all her life and never happened. So my very best wishes to the counrty of Paraguay. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. lydia says:

    I thought that cocacola commercial was really cute… when i saw the chilean version! i wonder how many countries they made versions for! and if they actually re-filmed everything a bunch of times or did some of that digitally. … and how many country soccer cheers they had to learn!

  3. paraguay says:

    As an ex-ad person myself I´ve always admired the Coca-Cola marketing machine´s work during the World Cup. They really know how to capitalize on soccer fever with ads and even songs tailored to each country. Brilliant! If you are interested in this sort of thing here is an interesting ad campaign to check out on Youtube: . There are versions for several countries in Latin America (sometimes the famous singer changes, other times the woman´s “look” changes, and other times even the way she is doing laundry (machine, by hand) changes.

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