Advice for Newcomers Pt1- Consejos para Recién Llegados Pt1

Aerial view of Asunción - Asunción desde el aire

A first look at Asunción from the plane - Un primer vistazo de Asunción desde el avión

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Moving to a new country can be quite…well, there are a lot of way to describe it. Exhilarating, stressful, awkward, and enjoyable all come to mind (feel free to add your own adjective in the comments!). First there´s the packing, then the traveling, followed by the setting up. All the while you have to navigate a new culture´s traditions and quirks. Whether you´re teaching, volunteering or retiring in Paraguay, here are a couple of tips to get your started.

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Mudarse a un país nuevo puede ser bastante… bueno, hay muchas formas de describirlo. Se me ocurren emocionante, estresante, incómodo, y agradable (¡puedes agregar otros adjetivos en los comentarios!). Primero hay que empacar, viajar, y después instalarte. A la vez hay que navegar las tradiciones e idiosincracias de una cultura nueva. He aquí algunos consejos para ayudarte, estés enseñando, haciendo voluntariado, o jubilándote en el Paraguay.


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Read up on your new home

My recently released guidebook to Paraguay is full of information to help you prepare for and make the most of your time in Paraguay. It includes a packing list (with tips on what to bring and what is available locally), key cultural insights, resources for learning Spanish and Guaraní, detailed maps and practical travel tips. Read it and get psyched about Paraguay! Printed copies are available on and and a Kindle (e-book) version is coming soon!

Find a place to crash

If you’ll be in the market for housing plan to spend your first week or two in a hostel. Since I wrote this post on Hostels in Asunción I have learned of a few more hostels. I have not had a chance to review them yet and welcome your feedback: Arandú Hostal (, El Viajero Asunción Hostel & Suites (, La Casita de la Abuela Hostal Verde (, Hostal El Jardín (

Choose your Paraguayan nickname

Paraguayans may have just as hard a time pronouncing your name as you do theirs.

Get the most for your money

Tips on exchanging money in Asunción and as a “yapa,” how to say “money” in Guaraní.

Find out what´s happening

Although Asunción may feel super “tranquilo” (tranquil), there are generally a lot of events going on in the city. These posts on Asunción’s cultural scene and where to find information in Paraguay will help you find out about them ahead of time.

Choose a Soccer Team

Figure out what your answer to “De qué club sos?” is going to be.

More advice to come in Part 2! Have advice or questions of your own? Share them here or on the Discovering Paraguay Facebook page!

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Informáte sobre tu nuevo hogar

Mi guía turística del Paraguay está repleto de información que te ayudará a prepararte para vivir en el Paraguay y aprovecharlo al máximo. Incluye una sugerencias para armar tus maletas (que traer contigo y que puedes conseguir aquí), información para conocer a fondo la cultura, recursos para aprender el Guaraní, mapas detalladas e recomendaciones práticas para viajar en el Paraguay. ¡Leelo y entusiasmate! Copias impresas están disponibles en y, y una versión Kindle (libro digital) estará disponible próximamente.

Encuentra donde reposar tu cabeza

Si estarás buscando alojamiento para el largo plazo planea puedes pasar tus primeras semanas en un hostal. Desde que escribí este artículo sobre Hostales en Asunción me he enterado de unos cuantos hostales más. Aún no he tenido la oportunidad de escribir sobre ellos, así que sus comentarios son bienvenidos: Arandú Hostal (, El Viajero Asunción Hostel & Suites (, La Casita de la Abuela Hostal Verde (Facebook group:, y Hostal El Jardín (

Escoge tu apodo paraguayo

Puede que a los paraguayos les cueste pronunciar bien tu nombre… tanto como te cuesta pronunciar bien los suyos.

Sacale el jugo a tu dinero

Cómo cambiar dinero en Asunción y de “yapa,” como decir dinero en guaraní.

Entérate de la movida en Asunción

Aunque Asunción aparente ser super tranquilo por lo general hay muchas actividades llevando lugar en la ciudad. Estos artículos sobre eventos culturales en Asuncións y cómo conseguir información en el Paraguay te ayudarán a mantenerte al tanto.

Escoge tu Club de Fútbol

Decide cual será tu respuesta a la pregunta “De qué club sos?”.

¡Habrán más consejos en la segunda parte de esta serie! ¡Si tienes consejos o preguntas puedes compartirlos en los comentarios o en la página de Facebook de Descubriendo Paraguay!


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3 comments on “Advice for Newcomers Pt1- Consejos para Recién Llegados Pt1
  1. Joel Chury says:

    I am almost done filling out my choices for the important checklist at the bottom.

    “Read up on your new home”: Check! We bought your book for Kate’s tablet through the kindle store. Great read so far, and we look forward to having more time when we arrive to plunge into it further. I plan on grabbing a tablet for myself before I leave, and next time I’ll order it from your website. We have also found great references to Paraguay on, and asking expats on (of which we’ve loved your appearances).

    “Find a place to crash.”: We DID. We found a newer hotel that has suites with separated bedrooms so that we can put the baby to bed, but not have to go to sleep immediately ourselves. The price was quite reasonable. It’s worth it to call around. If you have to drop $14 on Skype to make those calls, so be it. It’s a fun exercise to talk to someone one on one, and be reminded how weak my Spanish skills still are. Since we won’t have a car, we’re thinking that staying in the Villa Morra to Carmelitas end to start might be a good idea. Great parks, shopping and restaurants. We won’t divulge where we’re staying though until after we check out though for privacy purposes. What’s nice is that even with a full month of in-room maid services, free breakfasts, free wifi, and a kitchen to ourselves… we’re still saving $500 a month that we would’ve spent on rent back home. We intend to save even more when we find a new home.

    “Get the Most of Your Money”: This has yet to be seen. When I was last in Asuncion, the exchange was closer to G4420 for US$1. Now it’s much lower. I was told by a friend who lives just outside the Capital, that sometimes the currency fluctuations are cyclical. If this is provable, I think it’s very interesting. Anyways, we’ll see. I remember distinctly which was my favourite currency exchange that I found downtown. I’ll try that place first, but maybe hold off on changing our US$ in until the rate gets better. We’ll see. As for checking prices on things, I highly recommend the currency app from Punch in the price of anything you see, and you’ll quickly realize how far your US$ can go.

    “Find Out What’s Happening”: Again, I’m going to need to catch up on this. I know that we’re arriving at the tail end of Carnival, but that the best parties are in Encarnacion. Also, kids will be going back to school soon after we arrive, so that will free up a lot of the vacation spots.

    “Choose a Soccer Team”: Guarani. Got it. I asked my first Paraguayan friend what team would be the easiest to like that would be the least offensive to others. I knew full well about the Olimpia vs Cerro rivalry, and I wanted no part of it. Imagine walking into a strictly Cerro district wearing Olimpia’s black and whites? They’d throw chipa at you until you ran away! And same goes for the treatment going the other way against Cerro fans! Blue and red in Villa Morra might not fly. I’m embellishing of course. But I always like underdogs with a tradition… and Guarani fit the bill. I even got to see them play a home game while on my first visit. Great team, fun crowd.

    So, that just about covers our checklist. We’d love to see more advice for newcomers articles… although, your whole website can be good for that.

  2. paraguay says:

    Glad you´ve found that series useful! I have another post about relocating coming up soon. Thanks for purchasing the book! Definitely let me know your thoughts on the hotel you stay at – I´m already taking down notes for the second edition. As to the exchange rate, it just keeps falling. It dipped pretty low last year and then came back up so maybe it is cyclical – changing money is a guessing game, sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand and say “as soon as it is up XX points I´m changing $$” and then not kick yourself if it rises higher the next day. As to your soccer team choice, Guaraní fits the bill for a neutral team – good research!

  3. Wow, esto artículo agradable , hermana menor estos este tipo de
    cosas, por lo tanto voy a decirle transmitir ella.

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