Don’t Leave Home Without (reading) Them – AC’s Top Travel Writers

While shoveling-out the driveway for the third time in the same day, the mind wanders to sunny beaches and funny little umbrellas.

Such dreams and travel yearnings do come true, and travel writers provide the maps. HubPages online magazine ranks among the top 500 internet sites, reaching over 5 million readers every month. It boasts many of the best travel writers on the world wide web. Subscribing to any of its writers is free, and ensures the reader will not miss anything, and are sure to discover new favorites on a regular basis! Earn money for your next trips by playing simple and interactive betting games atสมัครufabet/.

A most common travel angst is the dreaded “family vacation!” Parents yearn for direction in keeping the peace in traveling with their children. Where to go? How to keep all entertained along the way? What to do and see to keep all ages happy? 

“Ta-Da!” The AC’s “Super Family-Travel Writer Team” is prepared to rescue parents near and far! Though several hundred strong, here are a few who proudly wear the super writer’s power cape to rescue parents in need:

“Happy toddlers at Disney theme parks” is the power of the AC’s own Deborah Dera. Parents with wee ones under the age of 6 will do well to heed her hearty advice.

4th of July festivities and children are “an accident waiting to happen,” as many a mother has said. Christie Silvers is the “Safety Caped Crusader”with her articles of topics like “kids and fireworks crowds”. Christie must really have a thing for crazy, loud attractions, since she is also the AC’s resident authority on “NASCAR race expectations.” Thankfully, she lets her peaceful side peek through now and then, with tips on “beach vacationing.”

For those parents who dare brave cultural introductions to their offspring, Carol Bengle Gilbert provides the golden ticket to the tux and tails, with her innovative writing, “Teaching a Child to Enjoy the Opera.” Carol even offers up some tempting restaurant reviews, and “How to Get Free Tickets to Performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.”

Traveling with or without children anywhere near Pennsylvania Avenue in DC, or Maryland, requires a visit to Carol Bengle Gilbert’s profile page. Her insight to the capitol area is unsurpassed.

Travel of a much different motivation and direction envelopes many, though spoken of usually only in whispers.

Thankfully, Sophie breaks the silence, bridging a wide gap in advice need for many. Yes, Sophie writes of the tough stuff, like “What to Avoid Saying to a Child Whose Parent is Deployed,” and “When You Travel With Pets, Prepare for a Breakdown.”

Itching with travel anticipation, but don’t have a clue where to start?

The intrepid JA Huber tops the chart in travel writing, and her expertise shines through in her brief profile statement: “I’m a Yankee navigating my way through the South. I’ve spent a decade in Death Valley, Everglades, and Yellowstone Natl Parks, and am happily living in civilization working in tourism.” Her unique perspective on travel destinations rivals Anne Geddes’ idea of a baby photo! Subscribe to JA Huber’s publications, and travelers have the best of the best with first-hand travel accounts such as, “Hugging Trees and Sipping Wine… ” and humorous surprise moments like: “How I Stumbled onto the Fantastic Four…Movie Set,” at their fingertips. Just click n’ go!