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Ahh, air conditioning. It is a blessed thing, especially during the summer. Although it may seem like an absolute necessity there are plenty of people in Paraguay who survive without it. If your access to AC is limited, say if you´re a missionary or Peace Corps Volunteer, you will definitely make use of these tips in order to make it through. Don’t forget to share your survival tips here or on the Discovering Paraguay facebook page !

Paraguay’s National Summertime Beverage

No, not beer, tereré!  Tereré is cool, refreshing and energizing. You can drink alone, but drinking with friends, neighbors or co-workers is a great way to pass the time and distract yourself from the heat.

Ice bars

Take full advantage of the fact that, in Paraguay, ice comes in foot-long bars rather than weeny cubes. Put them in your tereré, a bucket of water for your feet, in front of your fan, or simply wrap them in a cloth and press them to your body.

Avoid the Sun (Duh)

Shade – find it, stay in it as long as possible. By now all the trees that were hyper-pruned over the winter have grown back most of their leaves!

Delicious & Dangerous Watermelons

It may be blazing hot out, but at least it’s watermelon season! Be warned though, your local friends may think you have a death wish if you combine watermelon with a cool pitcher of tereré .

Kilos & Kilos of Ice-cream

Nothing like a kilo (or two) of ice-cream to wash away your summer sorrows. My favorite place in Asunción is Quattro D (4D) but in the countryside I’m a fan of Amandau ( El Heladero is a distant second).

The Mall

Wave the white flag and surrender. Yes, sometimes it is best to just give in, get on a bus, and head to the mall. Eat at the food court (offerings are surprisingly good), go to the movies, or just walk around. You won´t be the only one there with an ulterior motive. You could even unwind here and play your favorite sports betting pastime via ufabet168s.