Travel blog posts will inspire you to travel whether you are planning a vacation or just looking for inspiration. Blogs such as have everything, from money-saving tips to stories about wild adventures.

This adventurous blog is run by a world-class photographer who loves exploring the lesser-known corners of the globe. His epic photography and in-depth articles are perfect for those of you looking for a fresh perspective on a new destination.


Nomadasaurus is one of Australia’s most popular adventure travel and photography blogs. It was created by Alesha Jarryd in 2013 and has been a trusted resource for adventure lovers around the world ever since. Nomadasaurus offers a comprehensive range of media content including travel, photography, and media content. It is the perfect one-stop shop for travelers of all levels.

Nomadasaurus is able to earn a steady, modest amount of cash through affiliate partnerships with major brands, such as hotels and insurance. Its travel content is augmented by a large team of full time and part time writers and photographers who are on the road most of the time, making it an invaluable tool for aspiring globetrotters with a budget. Alternatively, you could play some fun and interactive sports betting games via to make extra money on the side.

You can also find answers to your travel questions via the community-driven forums, social media, and blog feeds. These tools can help you save money and time on your next trip.

Roads & Kingdoms

Roads & Kingdoms, an independent digital publication, started as a Tumblr page that covered civil unrest from Myanmar. It has since grown to be a full-time digital publication with offices in New York and Barcelona. It publishes long-form photography and deeply reported features that provoke a Pavlovian response.

Roads & Kingdoms is staffed with international journalists who are interested to tell real stories about what’s happening around the world right at this moment. Their site has a unique design that combines continuity and visual imagery with human expression to attract visitors.

Visitors are attracted to the website’s news/events page due to its vivid, high-resolution images. This enhances the user experience. The home page features full screen and autoside scrolling. It also features bold typography, subtle menu bars, and easy navigation to the sitemap.

Nomadic Boys

Nomadic Boy is the travel blog of Stefan Arestis (gay couple who have been travelling the world for more than a decade together) They met in London, England, and now they are based in Cyprus. In 2014, they decided to quit their jobs so that they could travel full-time.

Nomadic boys also want to use their platform for raising awareness about the discrimination LGBTQ+ suffer worldwide, particularly in countries where same-sex activities are punishable by death. They hope to inspire other LGBTQ+ travelers to make their voices heard and encourage them to take risks while exploring new cultures.

The Nomadic Boys explore the world in a variety different ways. From hiking in the Dolomites to biking across Thailand to paddling along New Zealand’s stunning coastline. They share their experiences with you and offer practical tips to make your trip unforgettable, including support for LGBT-owned businesses.

A travel blog is the best place to learn about new destinations and receive advice from experienced travelers. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon or want to explore the world with your partner, Nomadic Boys can help you plan your next trip. They offer tips and tricks to maximize your enjoyment. This will ensure that you are not disappointed by a bad hotel room or miss out the best places in the country.

Boomer Blond

Boomer Blond’s travel blog Boomer Blond provides a wealth of information for Boomers who want the best out of life. It includes tips for older travelers, destinations, and adventures, as well as a newsletter and articles written entirely by the blogger.

The blog’s founder, Patti Morrow, grew up in Washington DC, but now specializes in luxury boomer adventures. She has scuba dipped in the Great Barrier Reef and sky dived in Hawaii. She also dog sledded in Oregon. She and her husband love to travel, so she blogs about their adventures.

Roaming Boomers is another popular blog. It was started by David and Carol after they sold their home and took early retirement. It’s full of great travel tips, gorgeous pictures and destination information for older travelers.

There’s no age limit for exploring the world – and this blog proves that fact. This blog is for you if you love music, history, cuisine, and are willing to take some risks.

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is a great way to develop self-reflection skills and a psychological skill set that will be beneficial in all aspects of your life. Solo travel, unlike traveling with a partner, gives you the space and time to reflect on your own feelings and experience, without the pressure of others.

It can be difficult to travel alone. However, it is a wonderful way of immersing yourself in local culture and experiencing life in a new place. You will have many chances to talk with other travelers and hosts by staying in small hotels, B&Bs, and campsites.

Another advantage of traveling solo is that you can choose the activities that interest you most. You can sleep in, read your book all day long, eat at fancy restaurants, wander museums and hike mountains.

If you’re on an income, there are always ways to save on your solo travel costs. For example, staying in hostels can be much cheaper than staying at a luxury resort. You can also choose local cafes and diners instead of eating at Michelin starred restaurants.

Traveling solo can be lonely at times, and homesickness is common, but it’s important to remember that this is a natural part of the journey. You can learn so much by being away from home, and you will come back filled gratefulness for the simple things in your life.