A while back I wrote a post about Guaraní phrases involving animal behavior. Here some more examples:

“Yaguá en canoa”

Literal translation: Dog in a canoe
When it is used: People often use this English equivalent of “fish out of water” when they feel completely out of place. Personally I think a dog in a canoe is much more out of place than a fish out of the water.

“Hendy cavayu resa”

Literal Translation: A gleam in a horses´ eyes
When it is used: This phrase (often shortened to merely “hendy!”) is used to describe a difficult situation. If you´re running out of money at the end of the month or overloaded with work you might feel panic like that of a horse racing to the finish line.

“Ni kai jepopete ndachegustai”

Literal translation: I don´t even like a clapping monkey
When it is used: When you´re so down in the dumps that nothing will cheer you up… not even a clapping monkey!