Getting ready to travel to Paraguay? Here are some tips to get yourself primed for your Paraguayan adventure! Be sure to check out the rest of my tips in part 1 and part 2 of this series.

Check out some Paraguayan music

Music is one facet of Paraguayan culture that is easy to experience from abroad. No instrument is more emblematic of Paraguay than the harp. “Maiteí América: Harps of Paraguay” makes for an excellent primer. And you can count on Valuing Paraguayan Music for lots of Youtube videos of Paraguayan music. Learn some lyrics and you’ll surely impress local friends.

Get Cultural

Thanks to Paraguay´s love of Facebook it is increasingly easy to find out about upcoming events throughout the country. Subscribe to a few key pages like Secretaria de la Cultura , CCJES , and Teatro Municipal Ignacion A. Pane and you’ll be in the know. Best of all, most cultural activities in Paraguay are free.

Get some insight into Paraguay!

Of course, I highly recommend my guidebook for those preparing a trip or move to Paraguay. Along with the usual guidebook offerings the book contains useful advice for living and working in Paraguay. Learn how to drink (or politely decline) tereré, how to decipher text messages in Guarani, and what locals will say if you wear red or blue clothing to work. It is available in paperback or as an e-book through Amazon.com . Check out some of my travel tips here .
(Note: unfortunately my distribution in Paraguay is currently limited)

Whet your appetite

Check out this interview on Paraguayan food to learn about Paraguayan food. If you want to try your hand at some local recipes check out the wonderful Tembi’u Paraguay website . And when you find yourself hankering for food from your home country you can always head Casa Rica, the “American products” aisle at Supermercado Real, and Mercado Cuatro to search for imported ingredients.

Become a Paraguayan film buff

There used to be almost no representations of Paraguay and its people on film. Fortunately that is no longer the case! Check out this primer on Paraguay’s relatively new film industry . And be sure to check out the Country Landscape series at the Spanish cultural center Mondays and Tuesdays this June for a look at harder to come by shorts and documentaries about Paraguay.

Have some suggestions of your own? Share them in the comments or on the Discovering Paraguay facebook page . And if you have questions about moving to Paraguay I highly recommend joining the Expats in Paraguay community .