A half eaten banana

In Paraguay it seems it is possible to buy almost anything in tiny quantities. Sure, buying in bulk at the market will get you a better price. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. Low on funds? Traveling by bus or on foot? Don’t feel like buying an entire jar of cinnamon just for one recipe? Then it’s time to do some “michimi shopping.” “Michimi” means “small” in Guaraní and is pronounced “mi” (me) “chi” (she) “mi” (me). You can buy shampoo and conditioner in sachets, a mere tablespoon´s worth of spices in little packets, and even cigarettes and pills such as Tylenol or Cipro by the unit. Our neighborhood store even sells tiny bags with seven almonds for Gs. 1,000 each (sadly that seems like a good price!).

A bunch of items that are on a table

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