With Christmas just around the corner it´s time to get some last-minute shopping done. Here are some options for you procrastinators out there:

Chuchi Shopping

What with their large scale decorations and air conditioning upscale malls Shopping Mariscal Lopez and Shopping del Sol in Asuncion are fun places to go window shopping (even if you can´t afford to actually buy anything there). If you live in Ciudad del Este then head to one of the many upscale shopping “galerías” such as Mona Lisa or Shopping del Este.

A truck is parked in front of a store

Gifts “Made in Paraguay”

Whether you´re shopping for locals or friends back home gifts made by Paraguayan artisans are always well received and highly affordable. Check out the offerings in the IPA (Instituto Paraguayo de Artesanía) tent diagonally opposite Shopping Mariscal Lopez, the group of stores along Calle Colon known as “La Recova,” and stalls in the Plaza de los Heroes. If you´re in the countryside consider supporting local artisans.

A group of people in a store

“Campo” Shopping

If you live in the countryside then the local “novedades” store is your best bet for one-stop Christmas shopping. “Novedades” is the Spanish word for “novelties.” Though merchandise in “novedades” stores tends to lean towards the girly side, a well stocked “novedades” store will have something for everyone. There are toys, clothes, perfumes, art supplies, home goods, the list goes on and on.

Cheap Gifts

If you´re able to deal with the heat and crowds there is no better place to stretch your Guaraní as far as possible than Mercado Cuatro. Or you can just check out this cool series of photos of Mercado Cuatro during Christmas by Cazador de Instantes.