A group of people around each other

A “karu guazú” is a large meal intended to be shared with many people. The preparation of a “karu guazú” is one of the many promises Paraguayans make in order to honor their patron saints. For this reason “karu guazús” tend to take place during patron saint festivities known as “fiestas patronales.” If you are unfamiliar with the tradition of making promises to patron saints or the celebration of “fiestas patronales” and check out this post. Food prepared for a “karu guazú” is distributed amongst friends, neighbors, and festivity participants. Some people like to hold a “karu guazú” in their homes while others prefer to deliver food. Those who don’t feel like cooking up a storm simply purchase prepared foods to give away. While many Paraguayan traditions involve preparing specific foods (chipa for Semana Santa / Easter Week, clericó for Christmas, mbejú for San Juan) the “karu guazú” is more about the practice of sharing food than the food itself.