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Nothing says winter school vacation in Asuncion like a field trip to “La Expo.” But you don’t have to be a school kid to enjoy yourself! There’s always a little something for everyone at “La Expo” (check out this post for more information including how to get there ). Highlights from this year’s event include a monster truck rally on July 18th at 8:30 pm.


Need a break from soccer? What with the Copa Libertadores in full swing (and Olimpia’s win last night) you may be looking for a less intense sporting experience. The Harlem Globetrotters will be performing their basketball / comedy routine this Saturday, July 14th, at the Estadio León Condou. Tickets are available through UTS Network . You could also bring your racket from since there will be tennis courts for you to play on.

A group of people playing instruments and performing on a stage A group of people playing instruments and performing on a stage

Parents of small children may be interested in attending “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on Ice” presented by the Moscow Stars on Ice company. If your children grew up in Paraguay this will probably be the most ice they’ve ever seen! The show will take place on Saturday, July 20th at 8:30 pm and Sunday, July 21st at 6pm. Tickets are available through UTS Network .