In our stressful work atmosphere, it becomes quite impossible to spend quality time with a beloved. Still, one thing which is magical and can turn the stressful atmosphere into a hilarious and exciting one is cute texts. So use your mobile for sending sweet, cute and lovable messages that could be very exciting for your guy. Being a girl, it is quite easy for you to flatter your boy, but it becomes very difficult to impress him every day with something unique. So instead of investing money in gifts, expensive dresses and fashionable stuff, it is better to use cute text messages.

What is your favourite?

Gifts are the thing that gives very much pleasure and bliss, and when a special one gives these gifts, it becomes more delighting. It seems that women always fond of receiving gifts with their partners. An anniversary is related to the birthday celebration as well as a wedding celebration. At online portals and social networks, various cute messages are shared and liked each day, but which one is your favourite? How could we know? So here is a list of some fabulous cute texts that are unique and flattery for your guy:-

    • Blow some air hard so that I can breathe:- This is message can leave your guy puzzled because it says blow air hard… when he asks you why then reply that YOU ARE MY OXYGEN. The complete text will make him insane and will increase the urge to love you more.
    • I am doing good deeds in life because I know that I can meet you only in heaven:- This is a message that can be used for a guy or even for a girl. So when the companion asks why you will meet him or her in heaven only, your reply should be Because You Are The Only Cutest Angel In Heaven.
    • Make coffee with your hot hands and stir with fingers as I like sweetness which is non-diabetic:- This is something you can use while coming back home from the office. Your wife or partner will be refreshed with your lovely thoughts and will surely make love while having coffee with your hot hands.
    • I remember only three words since I met you:- Of course, this is a cute text that will leave a question around your guys head. Your cute answer should be, I LOVE YOU. The vast majority of young people invest their energy in the caring recollections of their darlings. When it is identified with any uncommon occasion like birthday and commemoration dates of their sweetheart, they set aside long effort for the planning and course of action for this extraordinary occasion like what will be subject for a party, what ought to be the supper material and others.

However, there are various sites and online sources where you can find cute texts for making the opposite sex go mad for you. The text, as mentioned above messages is very useful and easy to remember. To know more and read various flirting messages, take the help of an online search engine.