Incontinence is not a disease, it’s a symptom of other medical issues. The condition can be permanent or temporary, sometimes related to surgery, illness, or even a reaction to certain prescription medication. When properly treated, with good planning and with the use of disposable underwear like Depend®, it doesn’t have to prevent you from traveling. And to help you with expenses, you could always play 온라인 카지노 on the go and try to win as much money you might need. 

I’m a few years past my 80th birthday and still love to travel. As I write this, I’m hours away from a trip from Los Angeles to South Florida for a family gathering. With a healthy lifestyle, careful planning and preparation, I know I will have a worry-free trip. Here are some key tips for travelers who use disposable underwear:

Address Lifestyle Issues Before A Trip

Travelers with bladder control issues should do what they can to treat and eliminate the symptoms of incontinence before traveling, then also carefully plan their travel and activities to minimize discomfort and problems.

Seek Medical Advice

A medical evaluation should always be the first step for people with bladder control issues, before traveling. A physician can identify the source of the problem and provide treatment options, specifically for travel.

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Exercise, as is safely possible, is always a positive factor and Kegel exercises are also very beneficial. Kegel muscles are the muscles in the reproductive system that control the flow of urine and can be exercised like any other muscle. In many cases, this has extremely positive effects on bladder control.

Reduce Risk Factors

Smoking and obesity are important risk factors for incontinence. Make lifestyle changes before a trip and bladder control issues may be less of a problem.

Watch Your Diet When Traveling

Diet, especially the choice of beverages, can have a dramatic effect on incontinence and bladder control issues. While traveling, watch caffeine intake as caffeine can add to the problem. Alcohol can also make the problem worse. Drinking a reasonable amount of water is the best option, spicy foods should also be avoided.

Plan Your Travel

Traveling with bladder control issues can be worry-free, with proper planning. When flying, consider booking an aisle seat to allow for easy up-and-down, should you need to visit the restroom. Also consider seats near the rear of the plane, closer to the restrooms. Leave extra time, so you’re not rushing around the airport and have time to visit the restroom before boarding. Remember, once boarding the plane, it could be up to an hour before the plane is airborne and travelers are allowed to get up from their seats.

When visiting museums, make a note of restrooms when arriving, all museums provide maps at the entrance. When visiting cities, we like to make note of nice hotels, as most have accessible pubic restrooms. Check for handicapped restrooms or even baby changing rooms to provide more space for changing disposable underwear.

Use A Disposable Underwear product

Disposable underwear like Depend® brand incontinence products can provide an extra layer of comfort and security, preventing accidents and allowing you to freely explore while traveling. Pack more than enough for your trip, and be sure to keep some in your carry-on bags should luggage become lost.