A frog sitting on a wooden surface

“Cururu column gype”

Translation: toad under a lamp post

When it is used: This phrase is used to describe someone who is very promiscuous and has low (or no) standards. Why? Because they resemble a toad under a lamp post eating every bug that comes in to sight.

“Pira kuty”

Translation: Fish on a hook

When it is used: When someone is so sleepy that their head is bobbing up and down like a fish on a hook.

A bird sitting on a branch

“Nde piko ryguazu?”

What are you, a chicken?

When it is used: When someone is ready to call it an early night you can accuse them of behaving like chickens, known to roost before the sun is even down. When someone behaves this way on special nights, such as New Years Eve they are called a “kuré hu” or black pig.