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“Yerón” is Paraguay’s most popular over the counter hangover remedy. In fact, many people use the word “yerar” as slang for “sober up.” There are varying theories as to whether this works better if you take it before or after partying, although Yerón’s tag line is “Before and after the toast / event”. Yerón is made up of 250mg of acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin), 150mg of Aluminum hydroxide, and 70mg of caffeine. It is so popular that people even include it as a gag in wedding and party gift bags.

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“Poha ñana / yuyos”

A round of mate or tereré will kill three birds with one stone by hydrating you with water, waking you up with yerba mate, and healing you with the added “yuyos.” Paraguayans regularly add up to three medicinal plants or “yuyos” to their tereré and mate to aid their well-being. There are yuyos to help with stomach aches, blood pressure and, of course, hangovers. As such, tereré and medicinal plant vendors (“yuyeras”) are used to requests for hangover-curing tereré. “Tereré Yerón,” as it is nicknamed, is especially popular the morning after festivities such as New Years and major soccer games. If you are preparing your own I recommend using:

  • coconut root
  • mint (“mint”)
  • lemon verbena (“lemon verbena”)
  • chamomile (“chamomile”)
  • burrito (Wendita calysina)

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Thanks to Paraguay’s abundant produce a fresh glass of juice is a healthy and affordable way to start your day (hangover or not). You can purchase fruit at the supermarket, market and even on the street-corners and buses. Neighbors are always happy to share fruit from their trees as well. If you want to purchase juice there are several options in Asunción. “Purifruit” is a local brand of orange and grapefruit juice available in most supermarkets in Asunción. “El Estadero” is fun because you can mix and match a wide variety of flavors. Smoothies are another option. The passionfruit smoothie at “Ña Eustaquia” is delicious. I also love that they call them “esmudis.” An option for those countryside is to find someone who sells fruit salad – it is usually made with fresh fruit and orange juice.