Here is the second part of my Asunción favorites, this time covering those in between meal cravings… mmm! Again, feel free to suggest your own favorites by leaving a comment!

A group of people standing in front of a store

El Estadero

Shopping Mscl. Lopez´s parking lot
Kiwi-orange-carrot juice. The beauty of El Estadero is you can mix and match any of their juices to create your own delicious combination.

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

4D (or Quattro D)

Av. San Martín esq. Andrade
021 600 129
This will be the millionth time I mention 4D on this website but I´ll say it again. Best icecream in Asunción. Period.

Ña Eustaquia

Shopping Villa Morra. For other locations check:
Their chipa ryguazu (chicken filled chipa) has a dry tamale consistency that’s very good. And the mbeju quatro quesos is an amazing starch and cheese bomb that can´t be missed but is also best shared between two people!

A doughnut sitting on top of a table

La Alemana

Del Escudo c / Avda Brasilia
021 284-121
Whoever thought of filling a jelly donut with dulce de guava and dulce de leche (separately, of course) is a genius. Get these at the main store or the Agroshopping stand. Worth the powdered sugar mustache!

Chipa Barrero truck

These guys are smart! They plant themselves in front of clubs and bars around 4am and wait for the drunk hoards to come streaming out and the cash to start flowing in! They only sell the enormous Gs. 5,000 chipa rings but by that point nobody even cares.