If you are new to the siesta tradition Paraguay is a good place to learn the ins and outs of this tradition. Siesta is a practice in which people take a break in the middle of the day. Siesta is pronounced “si” (see) “eh” (Edgar) “stá” (Stalin). It usually takes place roughly between the hours of noon and 2pm. Shops close up and people head home from school and work. Some people use the time to take a nap or relax while others may prefer to study or work. In rural areas the tradition of the siesta is widely practiced, less so in urban areas. Businesses that remain open during siesta are said to have an “continued schedule.”

Foreign travelers have to decide: partake in the siesta or resist it. My vote is for partaking. During extreme heat being in Paraguay can be quite taxing, especially if you’re traveling. Weary travelers might as well relax and regain energy during the heat-imposed downtime.

And what if you resist? Those who insist on powering through the siesta, may well collapse exhausted later. There is a reason most people choose to relax during the hottest hours of the day… doing anything else can be pretty unpleasant.

So by all means, take a siesta!