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The Museo Boggiani in San Lorenzo is one of the best places to view and purchase indigenous crafts ( for some examples check out this post ). It is a short ride from Asunción, just off San Lorenzo´s main plaza (the museum´s sign is barely visible though). This crafts fair is a great chance to interact with members of Paî Tavyterâ communities from Amambay. Remember the museum accepts donations in the form of food and clothing which are distributed throughout Paraguay´s indigenous communities. UPDATE: The museum’s correct address is: Coronel Bogado 888 c / Saturio Ríos.

The Boggiani Museum in San Lorenzo is one of the best places to see and buy indigenous handicrafts ( you can see examples in this article ). It is near Asunción, next to the main square of San Lorenzo (but the museum sign is not very visible). This craft fair will provide a good opportunity to interact with members of the Paî Tavyterâ de Amambay communities. Remember that the museum accepts donations of clothing and food which are distributed to the various indigenous communities of Paraguay.  Note: The correct address for the museum is Coronel Bogado 888 c / Saturio Ríos.


Ahendú is a series of concerts featuring Paraguayan and American musical acts. The event is organized by a CoCuMu (Sharing World Culture), which is run by Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Paraguay. If you’re traveling in Paraguay this is a great event to meet volunteers living throughout the country. More info on the Ahendu Facebook page .

Ahendú is a series of concerts with the participation of Paraguayan and American musical groups. The event is carried out by CoCuMu (Sharing World Culture) which is made up of volunteers from the Peace Corps in Paraguay. If you are traveling in Paraguay you will meet volunteers who live all over Paraguay at this event. More information on the Ahendú Facebook page.

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