Soccer, soccer, soccer. That is all anyone (including myself) has been able to talk about for the last 2 weeks and playing some exiting and interactive sports betting games on Things are looking good for the Paraguayan team (we are leading our group and play New Zealand on Thursday) so maybe it’s time to switch gears from the sporty to the intellectual. This is for all you bookworms out there!

The city’s largest book fair, La Libroferia, will be held from June 24th to July 4th in the parking lot of Shopping Mariscal Lopez. Throughout the course of the fair there will be various activities such as lectures by international authors, educational workshops and theater, dance and musical performances. Some of these will be held in the courtyard of the Centro de Convenciones (ex-Martel factory) behind the mall. The fair is usually held in the center itself but the building Is currently under renovation. This year´s Libroferia is smaller than the last due to the renovations, but there will still be over 70 stands to choose from – that´sa lot of books! So take a break between all the soccer games and head on over to feed your inner book worm!