Whether you’re teaching, volunteering or relocating permanently in Paraguay, here are a couple of tips to get your started. Check out the first post in this series here .

Pick up some Guaraní

The widespread use of Guaraní, an indigenous language, throughout all levels of society is one of the things that makes Paraguay unique within Latin America. If you´re interested in learning Guaraní start here .

Figure out Where to Eat

It is much easier to adapt to a new country when your stomach is full of delicious local food! You can read about some of my favorite restaurants here . Some new favorites include No Me Olvides and La Herencia . Check out recommendations by other locals on the Restaurants in Asunción and Surroundings Facebook group . Have a recommendation? I’d love to hear it! You could even cruise the streets using best roller skates for women.

Learn to take a hot shower

If this is your first time in Latin America you might appreciate this heads up about the “shocking” shower situation .

Get Packing

You’ve probably heard how hot it can get here. But it does get cold as well. Come prepared for the “Viento Sur” (Southern cold front) by checking out these winter packing tips .

Connect with other Ex-Pats

Get useful advice and gain insight into life as an ex-pat in Paraguay from the enjoyable Why Paraguay ? blog . And join the Ex-Pats in Paraguay facebook group to connect with the local ex-pat community. Maybe you’d find common interests and play some fun sports betting games together at https://www.ufabet168.bet/.

Have you just arrived in Paraguay? These tips will help you get used to it, whether you’re here volunteering, teaching, or moving permanently. You can see the first tips of this series here .

Learn a bit of Guaraní

The use of Guaraní, an indigenous language, at all levels of society makes Paraguay a unique country within Latin America. If you are interested in learning a little Guaraní, start with these resources .

Find out where to eat

It is much easier to adapt to a new country if you have a full belly! You can read about my favorite restaurants here . Some new favorites include Don’t Forget Me and La Herencia . You can also know the recommendations of other asuncenos in the Facebook group of Asunción y Alrededore s Restaurants . Do you have a recommendation? I would love to meet you!

Learn how to take a hot shower

If this is your first time in Latin America then you might appreciate this warning about showers . I pass this information on to you so that the current does not pass you!

To pack

You must have heard how hot it is in here. But it is also cold, from time to time. These winter packing tips will help you be prepared for the “South Wind.”

Connect with other Foreigners

Find out what it is like to adapt to life in Paraguay through the WhyParaguay? Blog site (Why Paraguay?) . And connect with other foreigners in the Facebook group Ex-Pats in Paraguay .