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Paraguay is a relatively inexpensive country to live in, especially if you’re coming from the US or Europe. However if you’re trying to make do on a limited income there are plenty of ways to make your money stretch as far as possible. Aside from the market there are a series of discount stores that can help you in this quest. I like to call them “the Itos & the Azos.” While enjoying the trip, you could play some fun sports betting games via worldfilmfair.

Paraguay is a country with a relatively low cost of living, especially compared to the US or Europe. But if you are a foreigner doing your best to live on a limited salary there are several ways to make it last as long as possible. In addition to shopping at the market, there are a number of discount stores that will help you make ends meet. I like to call them “the Itos and the Azos.”

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Luisito, Fernandito and Aldito

Luisito , Fernandito and Aldito are a chain of discount stores with locations throughout greater Asunción. There you can find everything from home goods (these are generally in the “bazar” section) to food and clothing. Some stuff is junk but you can often find real bargains and some nice clothing as well. I have a very fashion conscious aunt that swears by what she jokingly calls “Boutique Luisito.” As with all discount stores the key is to have an open mind, good eye, and return often to see what’s new and on sale.

Note: “ito” is a diminutive suffix in Spanish, so these stores are technically called “Little Luis,” “Little Fernando” and “Little Aldo.” I guess this explains why all have a little boy as their logo.

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The Azos:

“Azo” is a suffix noting largeness, in this case, presumably the large size of the discounts you can obtain at these stores.

El Machetazo

This store is similar to the “Itos” – there is something for everyone. Also El Machetazo seems to have more of a presence outside of the capital city. The El Machetazo in Coronel Oviedo is said to be the largest in the country and probably saves people living in the area inumerable trips to Asunción. For a look at all the offerings at El Machetazo check out this post from the Hotel Paraiso (in Villarica) blog. It´s in German but there are plenty of photos.

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The Offer

Again, another store similar to the Itos and to El Machetazo. However it’s name makes it worth mentioning separately. “Offer” means “bargain” in Spanish. When you see a sign that says “_____ on sale” this means there is a sale on that item.

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El Tijerazo

This is a good store if you’re looking for discounts on fabric. “Tijeras” are scissors in Spanish.

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