In Paraguay the month of June is synonymous with the celebration of the “Día de San Juan” (Day of San Juan, also known as “San Juan Ára” in Guaraní). Although the actual “Día de San Juan” is not until June 24th, San Juan related events are held throughout the entire month. No matter where you are in Paraguay there will be several activities to choose from. Local San Juan events are advertised in the newspaper, on the radio, and with street banners (or “pasacalles”). Plus there is always radio so´o (the grapevine) to keep you informed!

San Juan parties are a popular form of fund-raising in Paraguay. Neighborhood commissions, NGOs, and schools all throw San Juan festivals. Some are elaborate festivals with traditional games and foods and others are more simple fundraising events. If you are a particularly active person involved in many volunteer or community organizations you may find June to be as packed as the end of the year with social gatherings. Of course the colder weather lends itself to a different type of event. The summer’s cool drinks and race for the shade, fan or AC are traded in for hot cocido con leche, and gathering by the warm fire of a “brasero” while mbeju or chipa asador heat up. Don´t miss your chance to support a good cause while bonding with friends over awarm winter comfort foods or dodging the ball tatá!