This week´s post is short and sweet. To foriegners from places where the winter is truly unforgiving Paraguayan winter is paradise. The days are mostly sunny (and completely snowless). But best of all you can enjoy the fruits (literally) of a tropical winter harvest. Throughout June and July the streets and markets are filled with vendors selling tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, and now, towards the end of winter, strawberries!

Most of the strawberries available in Asuncion come from an area of Aregua called Estanzuela. Each year strawberry farmers hold a “Festival de la Frutilla” along the road between Aregua and Ypacaraí. Stands are set up at KM 32.5 and all manner of strawberry products are sold. Head on over before September 5th to get your fill of strawberries by the basket load as well as jams, jellies, tarts, liquors. Strawberry Shortcake, eat your heart out!