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“Radio so’o” (aka “the grapevine” or rumor mill) can be your most important and entertaining source of news and gossip in Paraguay. In this series I share links and resources to get you up to speed on a variety of topics.

Here are some good resources for those of you interested in learning Guaraní or trying your best not to loose your Guaraní once you’ve left Paraguay.

  • Guaraníme : Written by Paraguay RPCV (returned Peace Corps Volunteer) Paulette Perhach, Let´s Talk Guaraníme is a helpful and entertaining place to learn Guaraní. A good place to start if you’re starting from zero.
  • Guaraní School on Discovering Paraguay : The beauty of learning Guaraní is that most Paraguayans mix it with Spanish on a regular basis. This means you can start off learning a couple key words and phrases and pracitce working them in to every day conversations with Paraguayans. In posts tagged Guaraní School I explain Guaraní words and phrases used by all Paraguayans, no matter how chuchi (there’s your first word).
  • iguaraní.com : An online Guaraní-Spanish dictionary.
  • Scott Britton´s Guaraní-English dictionary : A good resource for English speakers looking to learn Guaraní.
  • Pipuu !: Where pop-culture meets Guaraní. Short and funny, Pipuu´s Guaraní memes are a particularly good way to keep your Guaraní from getting rusty.