Here are a few aspects of traveling to and around Paraguay that have changed since the publication of my guidebook Paraguay (Other Places Travel Guide). If you know of any other travel-related updates please share them here or on the Discovering Paraguay facebook page.


Traveling by Bus

As of Saturday, January 26th the price of bus fare in Asunción is Gs. 2,100, down from Gs. 2,300. In addition, long distance bus fares were also lowered by presidential decree (see graphic above for new prices).  This may increase to Gs. 2,200 in February (I´ll keep you posted).

Flying to Paraguay

Uruguayan airline Pluna and Paraguayan airline Sol del Paraguay are no longer operating.  However,  American Airlines now offers several direct flights between Asunción and Miami.  Good news if you´re sick of the 8 hour layover in Sao Paolo (and who isn’t?).


Travelers of certain nationalities (USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand and Russia) can now obtain Paraguayan visas upon arrival (“visas de arribo”) at Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi airport.  Find more information including visa prices here.

Traveling to Argentina

If you are an American, Australian, or Canadian in Paraguay and plan on visiting Argentina you´ll have to add the Argentine reciprocity fee into your travel budget.  The fee has been charged at airports for a number of years but it is now being charged at land borders as well, so you can no longer avoid the fee by traveling via bus. If arriving via air the fee must be paid ahead of time via credit card here.  More information here.