A man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Sir Edmund Hillary, Climber, Adventurer and New Zealand Hero, Dead at 88

Sir Edmund Hillary has died at age 88, after a long series of adventures and having contributed much to the...
A large waterfall and a pool of water

My Adventures in Gulf Hagas, the Grand Canyon of Maine

The Gulf Hagas was a hike that my mother and I were very excited about. There are many different waterfalls...
A person in a yard

Manual Reel Mowing Adventures, Tips and Pointers

I've recently inherited a manual lawn mower. I was so excited at the prospect of fume free mowing! Was? Yes,...
A person standing in front of a body of water

Best Travel Tipsters – Just Click N’ Go!

Don't Leave Home Without (reading) Them - AC's Top Travel Writers While shoveling-out the driveway for the third time in the...
A person standing next to a tree

Maiden Voyage: Tips for Traveling Abroad

Do Your Homework One of the best ways to make sure you enjoy your trip abroad is by preparing for the...
A person standing in front of a fence

Harps, harps and more harps!

The time has come once again for the annual Festival Mundial del Arpa (world harp festival), now in its 5th...
A woman sitting at a table

My Momma Made Me Sneeze: An Adventure with 3 Old Ladies and 10 Bars

I want to tell you about my vacation. In the military, we don't really get vacation. It's called "leave," and...
A close up of a device

Swine Flu: Tips Before You Travel

Tip #1 Swine Flu, Tips Before You Travel - Wash Your Hands Wash your hands all the time. Washing your hands...

Crossing into Bolivia – Cruzando a Bolivia

There are many things about the Chaco that seem like a mystery. Chief among them for adventurous tourists may be...
car at outside of home

Your right stoppage in case of Mazda wreckers

Spare parts are an essential component of cars, and it is quite important to have them easily available. Different sorts...